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LiveLitigation - allows court reporters, court reporting agencies and legal teams to stream real-time video depositions across the globe, with just a few clicks of a mouse. Requiring NO downloads,'s web-based video deposition solution is the ultimate tool for court reporters to broadcast - in real-time - the audio, video and text from live depositions to anyone, from anywhere, at anytime.

E-Transcript - The Only Complete System for Producing Secure, Custom-Formatted, Signed Transcripts. RealLegal E-Transcript technology is the benchmark for electronic transcripts, and the standard delivery format for litigators nationwide. E-Transcript files ensure page and line integrity, allow for custom formatting, and offer the security of a tamperproof, electronic signature. The free E-Transcript Viewer is all that's needed to view an E-Transcript. Unlike other formats, E-Transcript files are also compatible with Westlaw Case Notebook and other popular litigation software.

LiveNote - LiveNote Stream allows you to broadcast live transcript text and deposition video anywhere in the world - in real time. This cutting-edge software sends the live video and text securely via the Internet – enabling entire legal teams to see the demeanor of a witness, communicate with one another, or monitor the progress of a deposition or trial. Court reporters facilitate the connections through LiveNote Stream Manager – a free software application.

Case Notebook - Westlaw Case Notebook® helps attorneys organize, analyze, and collaborate on cases with unprecedented efficiency and thoroughness. Accessible anytime, anywhere – so that team members can easily gather, annotate, search and review key facts, documents, transcripts, pleadings, legal research and more.

AccuCap Captioning Software - Whether you're new to captioning or a seasoned professional, AccuCap is perfect for you. Experienced captioners will appreciate the ultimate control and customizability of every function, while new users will value time-saving, fail-safe features that help prevent embarrassing mistakes. Is it any wonder that more captioners use AccuCap than any other system?

CaptiVision - CaptiVision offers a complete suite of features that address the needs of individual stenocaptioners, as well as larger multi-user captioning operations. CaptiVision may be purchased as a stand-alone product or as an add-on to the Winner2000 or Winnerxp products. CaptiVision has been entrusted with the task of captioning the most visible and time-sensitive events.

SearchMaster - SearchMaster is a research and transcript-management software program designed specifically for court reporters, scopists, and proofreaders.

Express Scribe - Express Scribe is professional audio player software for PC or Mac designed to assist the transcription of audio recordings.

CourtPages - Courtpages offers a complete business management software solution and optional internet repository service for court reporting companies of any size.

Dictionary Jumpstart - Dictionary Jumpstart is an invaluable tool for court reporting schools, court reporting students, and reporters wishing to transition into a different type of reporting career.

Min-U-Script - Min-U-Script Pro delivers a simple-to-use, comprehensive range of features all at exceptionally low prices… with no monthly fees or click charges! Min-U-Script’s productivity tools, file management features and customizable branding features assure you, and your clients, of the best in quality, valued features and your brand recognition… all packaged in the most widely accepted document format, Adobe’s PDF format.

Briefs Encountered - A searcheable database version of “Brief Encounters” for computers running under Windows XP, Vista and Win7. User’s briefs/phrases can be added. This is a stand-alone application and does not interface or integrate with CAT dictionaries.

RepAgencyworks Court Reporting Software - RepAgencyworks Court Reporting Software is a complete web based application designed especially for court reporting agencies. You can now handle all of your calendar, invoicing, payroll and much more from anywhere with no additional software. Everything is here to more effectively manage your agency.

Plover - Plover (pronounced PLUH-VER, not PLOE-VER) is the world's first free, open source stenography program. Plover works on Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX.

ProCAT Denoto - Denoto™ is a “realtime transcription” browser. It may be used to preview a testimony as it is being given. A realtime browser may be used by an attorney, a judge, a paralegal, or a physically challenged person to view and maintain a record of a live proceeding. Denoto offers the physically challenged the opportunity to have “equal access” to the record.

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