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Encouraging Court Reporting Students - A place to encourage court reporting students and help inspire them as they struggle through court reporting school. Be stern, be nice, encourage, kick in the behind, whatever it takes to help them.

Guardians of the Record - The purpose of this group is to bring court reporting professionals and students together by - Having court reporting professionals helping to educate court reporting students like myself and other students within the group on things that may not be covered in court reporting school - Create a networking environment for students - Keeping up to date with trends within the CR profession - Providing reporting tips from experience both past and present - Answering questions about technology within the field, including but not limited to CAT software, writers, realtime equipment, etc. - Offering advice, tips, and suggestions in the area of advancement in court reporting school.

The Brief Exchange - Welcome to "The Brief Exchange!" An open discussion forum where reporters and students can share and morph, create & exchange briefs - If only I could get every word down to one stroke!

Total Recall Captioning - Informal group about CART & captioning, issues of interest to our clients & colleagues, occasional related job postings, info, communication, & some silly stuff too.

Case CATalyst Reporters and Users - A group for Case CATalyst users. We can help each other! If you've got questions, post them here!

Court Reporting Documentary - Tracking the progress of the court reporting documentary - On the Record - A Year in Stenography.

Court Reporting Stuff - Buy/Sell/Swap - We are a friendly group joined for the purpose of buying/selling/swapping/giving away court reporting items and sharing information on any good deals related to our industry.

Steno Briefs for Court Reporters - Site for court reporters and students to share steno briefs.