The Steno Life
Issue #25

Welcome back, Stenolifers! As we head towards the end of the year, now's not the time to ease off the gas and say, "I'll get a fresh start next year." There's still time to do some great things THIS YEAR and build some strong momentum for 2012! Hopefully, some of the articles I post today will help you keep your foot on the gas pedal and take things to the next level.

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Articles in this issue -

1 - "Your State Requirements - A Complete, Updated List!"
2 - "Always! Never! Sometimes!"
3 - "SimplySteno PLUS - The Launch!"
4 - "iSteno Brief Machine App For Your Android - It's HERE!"
5 - "Make Your Steno Dreams Come True - On Paper!"

Your State Requirements - A Complete, Updated List ! (back to top)

At least once a week I'll get asked by a current court reporting student, "What kind of license do I need to work in my state?" I think that's something you should know BEFORE you start court reporting school. It helps to know what you're aiming for - what goals you need to shoot for. That said, it's not so easy!! Four years ago I set out to make a complete list of the requirements for each state. It took me weeks - checking websites - making phone calls - sending out emails. And even after all that, a few state requirements were just too hard to uncover.

I am making a public plea to ALL court reporting associations - place the certification requirements on your website! It's simple. Just have a link - Certification. That takes the user to a page that says, in SIMPLE terms, what is needed to work as a court reporter in your state. Here's the info needed -

1 - Is there a state-required exam?
2 - If so, when and where is it given?
3 - Who can take it?
4 - Where do I sign up?

Alas, very few association websites list this information in an easy-to-find place. Soooooooo....Ive done it for them! I have put together what I believe is the most comprehensive list to date - state requirements - testing dates - eligibility - it's all there. I have given it a permanent link on my SimplySteno website under State Requirements. Feel free to link to this page, but please do not copy and paste this list. It took me a long time to assemble it, so I'd like it to stay put.

Here is the link - Check it out today and make sure you're on the right path towards steno success!

Always! Never! Sometimes! (back to top)

It's no big surprise that students, reporters and instructors have strong opinions with regards to how things should be done, and which products should be used. It starts on Day 1 - Which steno theory should I use? That question alone can start an all-out brawl! And it only gets worse - Which CAT software should I use? Should I practice for speed or accuracy? Should I push my speeds? Should I practice slower speeds?

Post any of these questions on Facebook or any other steno message board and you'll get responses that start with, "Always..." or "Never...." When the right answer is more likely, "Sometimes..."

All students do not learn in a vacuum under the same exact circumstances. And they do not all absorb information in the same way. Add to that that we are always evolving - always changing. I grew up hating avocado. Now I can't get enough of it! What happened to me? Something inside me changed. Granted, that's a simple example. But change is change.

I teach a certain way - a way I think works for most students. I won't get into what way that is. BUT ...I'm open minded enough to realize that it won't work for EVERY student. Some students will learn faster and better learning steno in the exact opposite way I teach it! That's the reality of it. If students all responded to one way of teaching ...we'd only have one way of teaching! It's the lack of a consistent result that keeps us searching for better ways to teach. The day one program graduates 51% of their students, you'd better believe EVERY school will be teaching their way!

My point is that there are very few cases where "Always" and "Never" apply to steno learning. There is a difference among students, and you may even discover over time that there is a difference in yourself - how you learn - what works best for you. Be willing to step outside the box...then step back in if it feels better. Embrace the word "Sometimes." :)

SimplySteno PLUS! The Launch! (back to top)

What do we have in mind for 2012? Oh...just a little something called SimplySteno Plus! We proudly launched SimplySteno 6 years ago. At the time, we got a few chuckles from the steno community. No one's laughing now! Most campus schools now have some version of an online program. Why? Because it CAN work. We've shown that. But it comes down to how the student and program work together. And that's where SimplySteno is moving forward once more.

SimplySteno Plus has all the same same features that have made SimplySteno a success -

1 - 100% daily structure. We lay it all out for you - nothing is left for you to figure out. Your time is spent working, not creating your own program. And you can do your lessons whenever you like during the day or night. It's there - ready when you are.
2 - Feedback. You'll be turning in an average of 3 transcripts a week. You'll get those transcripts back, graded, with comments and tips on how to improve. Tests are returned in an average time of 4 days.
3 - Value. SimplySteno and SimplySteno Plus have the same low cost, breaking down to about $120 a month, depending on the payment option you select.

So what's different about SimplySteno Plus? SimplySteno is basically an offline program - you download your materials and use them each day. SimplySteno Plus brings the program online with an amazing new platform. Why is that better?

1 - Time. No more time spent downloading files. It's all right there, waiting for you the moment you want it. That's saved time that you can spend on so many other things.
2 - Practice material. The online platform allows us to have a MASSIVE audio and video library. We currently have over 100 hours of audio dictation to use as you like (unique from your daily lessons), and over 40 hours of video to work with. And we're adding to that every week!
3 - Turbo Testing. We've created a set of unique audio dictations at your speed level - less than a minute long - that you can test with instantly for your own feedback. You just listen to the audio, transcribe, press the "Compare" button. You'll see a copy of the correct transcript next to yours, pointing out the differences on demand.
4 - Speed and Tuition Tracker. You'll have your own chart that keeps track of your testing speeds, dates you've passed tests, and what you need next. The Tuition Tracker shows your previous payments and upcoming payment date.
5 - The Brief Machine. With our database of over 100,000 briefs, you'll be able to find the brief you need on the spot, directly built into the SimplySteno Plus platform.

And so much more! We recently opened SimplySteno Plus to our current SimplySteno students (over 100 of them!), and the feedback has been wonderful!

"SS cuts out all the time wasters and really zeroes in on what is going to help you finish the program in a timely manner."
Dani Oates
"I've never been in a program more dedicated to the needs, fears and aspirations of court reporting students."
Betty Kaplan
"This is like having one-on-one instruction, like Marc is there every step of the way."
Sharon Tilden
"Simply Steno Plus rocks!"
Lois Parks

Check out the website today and join before 2012 to get a SPECIAL DEAL!

You can watch a quick video overview here -
SimplySteno Plus Overview - Part 1
SimplySteno Plus Overview - Part 2

If you have and questions about SimplySteno Plus, please drop me an email at, or call (818) 642-9331

iSteno Brief Machine App For Your Android! (back to top)

Finally! It's here! When I created the iSteno Brief Machine app for the iPhone, I really didn't think I'd get a lot of orders. Well, to my surprise, we've had almost 400 downloads!! If you have an iPhone, make sure to check it out here - iSteno Brief Machine. And because of that success, we've now added a version for Android! You can check it out HERE.


Make Your Steno Dreams Come True! (back to top)

Long ago, before I actually worked in the field of court reporting, I attended a party at a court reporting school (my sister was a student). One of the first things I noticed were all the posters on the walls - Dream Boards. Dream Boards are a great way to cement your goals - your motivations - your desires. Many students will say, "I don't need to make a poster - I know what I want." That's not really the point. A physical reminder can motivate you in a way a thought cannot. SEEING your dreams before you can often work better.

I invite all of you to take a look at some Dream Boards made by my students. And then, of course, I invite you to make your own! Let it motivate you each day!

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